about us

Over ten years ago in Orange, New South Wales, I started making my own collars for myself and a few close friends that I used to pig with, and the word began to get around about these collars. Then, while attending the first "Dog a Hog" show in 2000 in which 2400 hunters attended, many noticed the detail in my collars and this led into my move into full production.

Around the same time, I owned 47 dogs, which gave me plenty of dogs to trial my designs and ideas on. With hunting and the aid of my treadmill, my 16 designs later developed into just two with what I now call the "Cape Collar" and the "Chest Plate" plus my style of "Neck Collar".

Now, after more than ten years in breast plate design and many more custom made products to suit what we need in our sport, I hope you can find what you need & I can help you with your PIG DOG SUPPLIES.

Les, PDS

Good and Safe Hunting!

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