Protection cover- Garmin tracking collar cover + Free antenna

Protect your tracking collars to save money as well as keeping them in a good shape for warranty purposes. 
They fit on T5, TT15, TT10 and DC50. You can charge your collar also turn On/Off your collar without removing it.
  • Shock proof 
  • Light weight
  • Button protector

1. T Rex in-built cover kits, to fit on neck collars or breast plate.
2. Full side cover, suitable for dogs 35kg and up.
3. T Rex wrap around with fire hose, suitable for 25kg and up.
4. Raptor cover, suitable for dogs 20kg and up.
5. Kelpie cover, suitable for bailing dogs and smaller breeds.
All covers come with a free long range antenna (valued $24). 

At the moment there is a FREE GAME STICK in your order.