GARMIN Update Guide- Pig Dog Supplies

We highly recommends keeping all Garmin products' software and firmware up to date for “Problem free” use. Please follow the steps below to update your Garmin device. There are two different way you can update the Garmin Collar device.

Method 1 - direct from Garmin Canine APP

1. Open the Garmin Canine App from your smartphone

2. Click on the MENU button on the top left screen

3. Go to MY FAMILY

4. Scroll down the dog devices list until you find the dog collar you want to update

5. Click on the collar and choose the option from the list Check for Updates

Method 2- from Company by Garmin express

1. Use a PC (preferred) to download and install the latest Garmin Express software


2. Connect the Garmin Device to computer via USB (Dog collar will be via the charging clip to USB)

3. Follow the steps in Garmin express software to update the device.

4. Visit Google play store or Apple iTunes store to update Garmin Software from Smartphone. (Only suitable for Garmin Barklmiter 2, Barklimiter 2VT, Delta Smart, Delta inBounds collar


We recommend our Customers perform an update before using the product for the first time and keep track of regular updates every month.

Method 3 - Garmin Web Updater

The Garmin webupdater is the last solution if none of above work for your device. It supports update for most of Garmin products except for Palm and Pocket PC devices, fixed-mount marine devices, chartplotters, fishfinders and certain discontinued devices. 

Download link