Invisible Dog Fences also known as Radio Fences consist of a loop of copper insulated wire connected to a radio transmitter. The wall mounted transmitter plugs into a power socket and emits a radio field that travels around the loop wire. The radio field can be adjusted in radius at the Wall transmitter approximately a ½metre to 3 metres in radius from the wire. Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar that detects the radio field and alerts them via a warning tone as they near the boundary.

If your dog enters the radio field, they will receive a mild electronic pulse very much like that of a Tens Machine used by a Physiotherapist to massage muscles. This electronic pulse is harmless but startling enough to act as a deterrent to prevent your pet from escaping or challenging the existing boundaries of your property. Variable correction collars are available for dogs with stubborn tendencies.

The Radio Fence makes it easy to train your pet!

In order to form correct & consistent behaviour, train your pet to retreat back into the yard upon nearing the training flags, hearing the warning tone (Dogtra Fence by Vibration) and receiving the electronic pulse (auto or manual rise output).

This initial association training which takes approximately 15 minutes a day for up to 14 Days.

Remember to walk your dog within the yard to show them it is safe within the boundary.

This establishes the yard as a positive safe area & challenging the boundary as negative.

After the training period the collar reinforces the initial association training over and over until your pet is conditioned to stay within the area. Potentially without need for the collar!


There are several ways to allow your dog to leave the property. Give them permission to leave the property by removing the containment collar or by switching the radio field off at the transmitter.

Then using a regular dog collar coupled with a release command, lead or in a vehicle, help them associate it is OK to cross the boundary with you, “On Your Terms with Your Permission”

You can train as many dogs as you want on the same system.

In most situations the boundary wire can be attached to existing timber or wire fencing with cable ties or buried underground approximately 1-2 inches deep across gate ways , drive ways or through expansion joints in concrete held in place by corking compound. (Beware: colourbond, tin & galvanized metal sheeting may require the wire to be placed in the ground in front of the fence in order to keep the radio field clear of metal sheeting & avoid inconsistent radio fields.