Garmin Cover in Making

Les LovegroveMay 02, 2019

I have sold Tracking collars for the past 20 years from RD300 and TRX 3 -10-16-48 and the TRX1000 and Titley 2000 and more .🤗 Around 9-10 years back Gamin has push the others away with the GPS and maps in the units.  Collars and good covers are the only...

About Us

Les LovegroveApril 29, 2019

Over 20 years ago in Orange, New South Wales, I started making my own collars for myself and a few close friends that I used to pig with, and the word began to get around. Then, while attending the first "Dog a Hog" show in 2000 in which 2400 hunters...